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1 Bolestraszyce - 21 km

Bolestraszyce dendrological park is located in 7 km to a northeast from Przemyśl, and is considered to be one of the most valuable Małopolski natural and cultural places. The park and mansion are historical sites; in the middle of the XIX century there lived and worked the well-known artist Peter Michałowski. Fort of the old fortress Przemyśl, which is over 1900 years old, belongs also to the dendrological complex. Ancient trees remained from the old gardens of the castle stay near the newer plantings; among them you can see local and foreign trees and bushes, as well as very rare and threatened plants.

2 Pshemysl – 22 km

Przemyśl is located on the hills of Zniesienia and Winna Góra, crossed by the river San, stretching like a ribbon from the West to the East among the hills covered by forests. Przemyśl is the key to 'Przemyśl Gate'. From the times, when the first fortifications were built in the IV Century, and till the ХХ Century it played an important role in all military conflicts on this territory. The first concept of building fortifications to guard the Przemyśl Gate was developed by the royal Austrian staff when the city was lodged in the year 1772 after the First division of Poland. Implementation of this concept started only after the considerable cooling of relationships with Russia due to Crimean wars. Building of the fortifications was started according to the range system, basing on operating with quite long earthen billows, where cannons and weapon were situated.

There is a skiing slope in Przemyśl. Those kin on white madness have the opportunity to visit a skiing slope in Przemyśl, located almost in the center of the city and not far from Municipal Park, on the north-eastern slope of Zniesienie Mountain. The routes have artificial snow and illumination. Safety of skiers is controlled by the rescuers of the Bieszczad group GOPR, Przemyśl PCK, and ski patrols of Municipal Guard and Police.

3 Krasiczyn - 32 km

Krasiczyn castle is one of the most wonderful treasures of Renaissance architecture in Poland; it is also considered to be one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. The castle was built at the end of XVI - at the beginning of XVII Century by Stanisław Krasickiej and his son Marcin. Two frontal walls are decorated by a delicate laced carving. There are four round towers on the corners - Divine, Papal, Royal and Szlachecka (nobiliary) (their names symbolize a hierarchy acknowledged by the founders). From the castle yard one can see extraordinary beautiful sceneries, showing the episodes from the Bible, medallions with the busts of emperors, images of Polish kings and hunting scenes.

4 Łańcut - 45 km

A castle in Łańcut is one of the most beautiful aristocratic residences in Poland, known for its interiors and interesting collection of teams. The palace is surrounded by old picturesque park in English style, with a great number of pavilions and economic facilities, which was closely connected with the life of Łańcucie mansion in the past.

Nowadays the castle and the park are considered to be places of interest of the highest world class, and are available for visitors as a museum. In the year 1995 the castle-and-museum in Łańcucie was selected for the program of UNESCO 'Ways to the castles of the Central-East Europe'.

5 Kalwaria Pacławska - 47 km

This is a small place on a hill that in the meaning of the Bible is the special place for human being to meet the God. This place is surrounded by wonderful nature, by means of which the God speaks to human hearts. This is the place for pilgrimage - sanktuarium, but it is not limited to only the sacred object and monastery, but also embraces the surrounding hills and valleys, meadows and forests. The believers in local chapels become closer to the mystery of life of Christ and Virgo Maria, mostly considering the special cult of Virgin Maria, named the Jerusalem of the East, and adoration of Mother Divine by Ciscarpathian believers.

6 Ustrzyki Dolne - 83 km

This is the building of Bieszczadzki povet (local administration) and popular center of winter sports, surrounded by hills and forests. Ustrzyki makes boast of 5 ski routes of different difficulty levels. Nearby in Ustianowej 2 ski routes are located – steep (5 km) and recreational (20 km).

In the summer here also a lot of interesting entertainments. Ustrzyki town is surrounded by the network of wonderful walking routes (red, blue, green, yellow routes), their general length is 25 km, and many mountain bicycle routes. In Ustrzyki town you can also find modern swimming-pool with solarium and sauna, beach, tennis courts, fields for handball and basketball, sports stadium. An infrastructure here is developed perfectly, there are many places to stay and eat.

You could stay at Ustrzyki while travelling to Solina or Bieszczady to enjoy the spectacular mountain views.

7 Sanok - 91 km

Starting to become acquainted with such beautiful city as Sanok, you'd better to start from paying attention on its places of interest. This picturesque city is located in a valley near the river San on the territory of Kotliny Sanockiej, with mountains Góry Słonne, the real pearl for tourists who esteem both quiet and active rest.

To get to know the history of Sanok better, it is worth to start the trip from the Historical museum of Sanok, where you will understand the local culture better and learn a lot of interesting.

Great advantages of Sanok are tourist routes, where you can everyday meet people of different age on a run or calmly going for a walk. Views and landscape surrounding the place will delight and admire you. In winter it is simply necessary to visit ski routes. Here both novices and experience skiers can try their hand in skiing, sledges are also possible. In winter days aura here is unbelievable and incomparable with any other town in Poland.

8 Solina - 112 km

A weir in Solina is the biggest hydrotechnical construction in Poland, and its power plant is the greatest power plant which uses the natural water flow. |The weir and power plant were built in 1961-1968. The weir is built on the river San and its length is 664 m., and height is 80 m.

The weir is the most interesting object in Solina. You can also visit the hydroelectric power plant, the most popular place for walking. From here you can see panorama of the bay and mountains, and in the evening it is possible to walk in the light of lanterns. Power plant relates to the greatest artificial water reservoirs of Poland.

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