Spa Complex

Massage cabinet

The hotel DwórKresowy has its own massage cabinet. We work on the basis of cosmetic lines Jean d'Arcel and Bielenda.

We offer procedures for a body, which will be performed for you by our high-class specialists:



  • complete
  • partial

massage with an aromatherapy

for slimming

sport massage

massage by hot stones

massage by the Chinese roller


Chocolate luxury (for slimming and relax)

Juicy temptation (for moistening and clearing your body from toxins)

Salt-grass pealing (for cleaning and regenerating your skin)

Saccharine pealing (feeds and strengthens your skin) performed by means of warm compresses with goat's milk

Paraffin wrappings

We also offer the complex care for skin of hands and feet:

Hygienical manicure and pedicure

Traditional manicure and pedicure



ON-LINE booking:


tel.: +48 532 400 100, hotel: +48 16 62 36 000

37-550, Radymno, ul. Słowackiego 36.

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