Spa Complex

Spa Complex

The visitors of our hotel from the wide range of our SPA services can choose the most suitable for their personal requirements. For facial and body cosmetic procedures we use professional SPA cosmetic, that will take care for health and ideal condition of your skin. Engaging into a fitness will bring your body back to life and will recover you forces. A session in a dry sauna or bathhouse, relax in a Jacuzzi, some movements in a swimming-pool will help you to step back from stress and superfluous tensions.

All procedures are performed with corresponding accompaniment. We prepare the relevant music, aromas and design of cabinets with living flowers and lighted candles. Such combination of semantic elements creates the unique mosaic of all our suggestions; as a result, our complex is an interesting alternative for guests who want to spend time with pleasure and give themselves up to the pleasant minutes of rest.

Quite often after a week of work you become tired of plenty of duties and continuous stresses.

In our stylishly equipped and comfortable interiors we will provide to you with a unique atmosphere and high quality of procedures, performed by our professional staff.

SPA works daily from 10:00 till 22:00

Further information at the reception of the hotel: + 48 16 623 60 00, + 48 532 400 100

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tel.: +48 532 400 100, hotel: +48 16 62 36 000

37-550, Radymno, ul. Słowackiego 36.

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