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Exercises in water are the ideal psychological and physical entertainments and at the same time relaxation for a child. Kid studies to be relaxed and control the body, trains a concentration. Swimming with varicolored toys stimulates intellectual development of a child and effects positively the development of the muscular system, promotes the resistibility of young organism against different viruses and infections.

Exercises in the water are the well-known form of rehabilitation of the bone and muscular system for children with limited physical abilities.

Joint active spending of spare time for swimming is good entertainment that will fix emotional relations between a kid and parents.

For merriment we will plug on those accompanying the little swimmer into the process.


  • is an ideal entertainment for a kid, also relaxes both physically and mentally;
  • is a gymnastics for muscles and joints of a child, diminishing muscular tension and resulting in correct development of the musculoskeletal system;
  • rises general resistibility of organism against different viruses and infections;
  • helps the process of rehabilitation of children suffering from bones and joints diseases;
  • support the correct development of movement, co-ordination;
  • effects visibly the extent of physical and intellectual development of a child;
  • plays an important role in construction of emotional relations between a child and parents that have the opportunity to participate the lessons.


  • water in the swimming-pool is ozonized;
  • water temperature in the swimming-pool is approximately 29-33°;
  • air and water temperature are comfortable for a child;
  • we provide individual approach to each child, we offer safety and comfort;
  • one parent obligatory participates in his/ her child's lessons.

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